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She was born in the thriving metropolis of West Palm Beach, Florida, but national bestselling author, Kendra Norman Holmes (previously writing as Kendra Norman-Bellamy, now writing as Kendra Norman) spent most of her formative years in the southern rural town of Dixie, Georgia; a city so small that it can't be found on most maps. She was raised the daughter of Bishop Harold Norman Sr. and the late Mother B. Francine Norman, two preachers who raised all five of their children in a staunch Christian home where biblical principles were both taught and lived. Kendra received her call into the ministry more than 25 years ago and currently serves as Pastor of Deliverance Revival Church in Warner Robins, Georgia alongside her husband.

Kendra is an alumna of Valdosta Technical College (now Wiregrass Technical College) where she majored in Information Office Technology (Applied Technology) and graduated with honors. She later received her Doctor of Divinity degree from St. Thomas Christian University. Kendra is a professional journalist who serves as the founder and publisher of The Royal Trumpet, an internationally distributed faith-based newspaper with a mission to motivate, educate, inspire AND deliver the message of Jesus Christ to the world. 

After years of writing for some of the world's most respected mainstream book publishers, Kendra regained full control of her own writing career. Her most recent titles are published through her own company, Royalty Publications LLC. She also educates, coaches, consults with, and mentors aspiring writers and rising authors through her signature bootcamp, The Writers Cocoon. Taking her passion for writing and ministry beyond books, Kendra is the co-visionary of Royalty Ministries International, Inc.; a multi-faceted calling that God first planted in the heart of her husband. She is the host of The W.A.R. Cry (a gospel radio show aired on Praise 95 on Saturdays and Sundays from 3pm until 6pm EST), the founder of The I.S.L.A.N.D. Movement (I Shall Live And Not Die), and the creator of the social media-based women's fellowship, S.H.A.K.E.R.S. She is a member of two national businesswomen's Greek Letter organizations, Iota Phi Lambda Sorority, Inc. and Lambda Kappa Mu Sorority, Inc. Most recently, Kendra formed and incorporated a groundbreaking co-ed national Greek Letter organization for Christian writers called Rho Alpha Tau, Inc. commonly called "Rho-Al-T."

In her favorite roles of wife and mother, Kendra shares her life and heart with her husband, Dr. Michael Holmes, who also functions as her road manager. An ordained minister and a certified Christian Life Coach, Michael shares her passion for ministry and motivating the masses. Together, they have two daughters, Brittney (Christopher, Sr.) and Crystal (Travis, Jr.), one son, Dominque, and nine amazing grandchildren (Travis III, Jordan, Kennedi, Kyndal, Melody, Harmony, Christopher Jr., Cadence, and Benjamin). Like her mother, their firstborn, Brittney Holmes Jackson is also a national bestselling author and entrepreneur.
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"I'm a writer, not a fighter, but I write for the LORD,
So my pen is mightier than the enemy's sword.
I slay demons and dragons without breaking a sweat;
A simple stroke of my pen can slit the devil's neck.

Godly words are my weapons, and I stay in position,
So when I reach for my pen, I'm reaching for ammunition.
You'd betta get back, satan; I'm strapped with nouns and verbs,
And God has given me power to take you out with my words!"

Kendra Norman Holmes
(c) 2018
"Beautiful words fill my mind. I am speaking of ROYAL things. My tongue is the pen of a skilled writer."
(Psalm 45:1 - New Century Version NCV)