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I Shall Not Die

It is said that experience is the best teacher, and experience is what ultimately led to the writing of this powerful motivational tool. I Shall Not Die is a spiritually, and sometimes, emotionally charged book that everyone can gain from, whether male or female and regardless of age, race, or social status.

In everyone's life, rain falls. And often times that rain was never in the televised forecast. There was no warning and no time to prepare for the downpour or the resulting flood. Of course, it is not natural rain that is being spoken of. In this case, 'rain' metaphorically represents the tribulations that often blindside and befall even the strongest of Christians. And when the storms come, there are two choices: we can stand up and live or lie down and die.

The question is...Which will you choose?
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**This is Book #1 in the Life Series
Followed by "The Path From Pain to Purpose" in the powerful true life testimony of the author, Kendra Norman.