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My Grace Is Sufficient

Whoever said, “One mistake won’t kill you” couldn’t have known what they were talking about, because the doozy that Dr. Gregory Dixon made is threatening to devour him both naturally and spiritually.

In this fourth installment of “The Grace Series,” a collection of award-winning books that shares stories surrounding the lives of neurosurgeon, Dr. Gregory Dixon and his beloved wife, Jessica “Grace” Dixon, readers are allowed to see what’s happening in the couple’s current day lives as they enter their nineteenth year of marriage and with a son that is just a year away from graduating high school.

They’ve enjoyed a deeply loving and trusting relationship, but one beautiful woman in a little black dress steps from the shadows and changes everything. Now, Greg, a man who had it all, might very well end up with nothing.

In this riveting family drama, a long-ago forgotten ghost from Greg’s past resurfaces and lures him into an unimaginable situation where he feels caught between hell and high water. With time running out, and with everything on the chopping block (including his once-solid marriage to the love of his life), Greg must figure out how to use his faith to fight a battle that his fists can’t win.

My Grace is Sufficient is a story of love, trust, manipulation, faith, forgiveness, and the power of prayer.

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