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The Path From Pain to Purpose

Purpose is a destination, which means before reaching it, we must first travel. And along the way, we discover that the road to getting there often comes with many trials. 

Before we can carry out our God-ordained purpose, He must first prepare us. We have to be molded and equipped for our life's assignments, and that process is often accompanied by pain.

The phase between our spiritual transformation and our final destination can be so agonizing that we want nothing more than to give up and detour onto what appears to be an easier path. I know. I've been there more than once. But what I learned first hand is we only come to the full realization of PURPOSE when we remain faithful.

Do you love the Lord? Do you desire to answer the call of the purpose that He has for you? If so, know this: If you just hold out and endure, victory is yours. It's working for your good!
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**This is Book #2 in the Life Series
Preceded by "I Shall Not Die" in the powerful true life testimony of the author, Kendra Norman.